White, Ann 1981-03-18

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Ann White discusses changing women’s fashion, women’s issues, and early days in Borger, Texas.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Ann White

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: March 18, 1981

Location: Borger, Texas

Interviewer: Gayle Rettew

Length: 1 hour


Tape 1, Side 1: White, Ann, She lives at 431 North Dill, Borger, Her mother was born in 1800’s, Long dresses and sleeves, She was a bookworm, She helped publish a Hutchinson County history, Her mother “took off one petticoat at a time” when fashions changed, Cowboys, Pay was 25 cents per day plus room and board, Strike in 1900 for higher wages, 1906 paid $25/month, Same pay in 1926 when Borger was a boomtown, Her mother washed clothes in an iron pot, They were in Fort Worth on an irrigated farm, Mother was a delicate little woman, Early women’s dresses (again), Mother was very religious, similar to daughter Rosa, She taught school while Rosa was in school, Gossiping, She was a career woman before a home-maker, Started teaching at age 17, Nursing was taboo for girls, She graduated from high school at (?) San Angelo, Texas, Baker-Hemphill Department Store, She interviewed, but boss told her to teach, Teacher examinations, Twenty-two exams in 2 days, Applying for job, learning drive Model T Ford, “Hair blowing in the wind” with friend on a drive, Just prostitutes had short hair, She applied for job with hair-net and double bun, Pay was extra $50/month, In 1920 she was age 18, Graduation picture in the newspaper, She taught 2 years and saved $1,000, University for 2 years and 3 summer, University of Texas correspondence, Math, science and history, In 1922 she taught Geometry, Old men would bring her presents, Out of money, the principal loaned her $200, A girl wore bobby socks to school, she was shunned, Morality now versus then, Borger High School “sex clubs”, She testified at court, People are going against the Bible, Girls will pay for it later, She taught 10 years in El Paso, College dating then, Now at Lubbock, sorority “sex clubs”, Television is major cause of immorality, She goes by the Bible, Dress style changes (again), Her husband was an attorney in 1926, He was also State Representative for $5/day, She learned a lot at Austin, She danced with Governor Moody, He rubbed her back, She complained to her husband, Husband was on tax committee, Coca-Cola people took them to $5 dinners.

Tape 1, Side 2: White, Ann (again), Women’s dresses (again), Her mother was good at sewing, Sears and Roebuck, McCalls Patterns, Her mother as a vain beauty, died at age 58, Her sister Sally was 2-3 years older, Sally quit school when Ann “caught up” to her, Worked at Baker-Hemphill, Bringing dresses home and mother would copy, Shirley Temple hats which colored people liked, Her Sunday School teacher always wore dresses “too tight”, Early days in Borger, Deputy Sheriff, Tough town at night, Lots of criminals passed through, She left younger daughter at age 2 with baby-sitter, When returned, fellow helping in yard, Later saw his picture, Whitey Walker-bank robber, Prohibition was the worst time, $200 per week to keep a still, Her husband was an attorney, “Pumped more liquor into oil workers than oil from ground”, She managed 40 apartments on (?) Colbel Street also while teaching, Complaints and problems, Beer party by the whole city council, Eviction of plant managers son and his girl visitors, Borger in the Depression, Not affected like other areas, Relief paid more than work, She took the 1930 Census, Most people were from Oklahoma, Prostitutes have now been put out of work by all the “live-in” relationships, Dance halls in Borger, Family finances, Men usually paid the bills, Borger banks were closed several years, Married teachers were less accepted, She taught Physics and Math, Coaches without training were left the history classes to teach, Saturdays were for ironing, Her grandchildren, One grand-daughter has a Masters degree, and now pregnant, One grand-son has a Bachelors degree, University role has changed, In old days, rich and well-born, or ministers went for culture not career, Now more vocational.

Range Dates: 1880 - 1980

Bulk Dates: 1910 - 1940

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