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James P. Williams discusses farming near Del City and Van Horn, Texas, as well as the dairy operations at Texas Tech and the 1930 Tech Rodeo.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: James P. Williams

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: January 06, 1983

Location: Amarillo, Texas

Interviewer: Richard Mason

Length: 1 hour 45 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Trans-Pecos area of Texas, Red Mudd Lambert, Manager of Pitchfork Ranch, Wayne Chandler, Del City, Texas, Salt Flat, Wayne Chandler, Bud Merrill, and Claude Voils, Cotton, Water well, Acreage in cotton, Promotional, Water well (again), Summer and fall (1947), Purchase of land, Merrill and Chandler (again), Promotion of land, "Adobe house" headquarters, Word of mouth advertising, To Del City land, House, Land clearing (January 1948), Equipment shortage, Water guarantee in land sale, Water well, Water level, 120-150’, Location of water, Speck Dodson, Williams & Dodson partnership, Flood (1948), Effect on crops, Del City area, Desert vegetation, Access, Carlsbad-El Paso Highway, Isolation, Dell City store, Labor, Illegal aliens, Blacks from Houston, Cotton, Semi-long staple, Hand picked, Congressman Reagan, Opening of Mexican border to labor, Land in cultivation (1948), Cotton production, Acreage, Altitude problems, Land prices (1947-48), Clearing and leveling cost, Economic boom, post-war era, Cotton allotment after Korea, Government aid, "Golden era of agriculture", Land clearance, Steel wheel tractors, Irrigation, Open ditches, Water loss, Water quality, Van Horn land (1949), Cameron Lumber Company, Discovery well, Lobo Flats, Water, Butane use.

Tape 1, Side 2: George McCullen, Airplanes, Supply problems, Equipment shortage (again), Rabbit problems, Fencing, Killing, Adaptation to irrigation farming, Settlement, Growth of Del City area, Trans-Pecos farming, Development, Western Cotton Oil Co., Financing, McNary Cotton Gin (1949), George Hall, Moving family to Van Horn, Texas (1949), Cotton in Culberson County, Display of first cotton bale, Growth of Van Horn, Tourism, Cotton allotments (1951), Michigan Flat, Texas, Wild Horse, Texas, Reasons for leaving Van Horn, Cost of operation, Hail storm, Leaf spot, Origins of people who moved into the area, Bracero labor, Del City, Van Horn, Merchants, Del City, Bracero shooting, Bracero struck by lightening, Alcohol, Schools in Del City, Van Horn, Resentment of newcomers, Increase in production cost, Water wells, Leaf spot (again), Lack of acreage, Dairy business, Grain.

Tape 2, Side 1: Williams raised in Olton, Texas, Ranch in New Mexico, Cream, Trinidad, Colorado, Eggs, Dairy operation in Van Horn, Dairy courses at Texas Tech, Alternatives to cotton, Jeff Jeffries, Processing plant, Borden, El Paso, Milk hauled to El Paso, Labor, Feed costs, Speck Dodson (again), Character, Partnership in Del City and Van Horn, Educator, Attended West Texas State (1927-28), Taught at Flag, Texas, Spade, Texas, Hardware store, Superintendent of Van Horn schools, Division of partnership, Taught in Plainview, Texas, Died (1976), Reasons for leaving Van Horn, Personality, Family, Olton, Texas, Origin of "Speck", Williams’ parents, Mother from Lockney, Texas, To Olton (1902), Grandparents, To Plainview (1891), Father, Drove freight wagon, Anecdote: buffalo bones and wallows, Williams, Born: December 2, 1907, First irrigation on Plains (1910s), Texas Land & Development land, Bessemer pump engines, Significant irrigation development, Farm Security Administration, Resettlement project at Ropesville, Texas, Water facilities program, Function of administration, Problems of administration, Loan applications, Red tape, Ropesville resettlement.

Tape 2, Side 2: Dairy program, Texas Tech (again), Williams in charge, Dissatisfaction of area dairymen, Self-supporting, Dairies, Competition, Price of milk, Cream content, "Stretching the cream line", Cattle breeds, McIlhaney, Butter, Bell Ice Cream Co., Changes in dairy market, Cow milking, Machines, Changes in dairy market (again), Self-sufficiency on the farm, First Texas Tech Rodeo (1930), Rodeo arena, Construction, Performers, Livestock, Buffalo, Events, Judges, Trip to international competition, Livestock show—Chicago, Illinois, Texas Tech School of Agriculture—faculty.

Range Dates: 1891-1983

Bulk Dates: 1930-1955

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