Abernathy Monroe and Molly 1959-06-04

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Early Lubbock settlers Monroe and Molly Abernathy discuss the life and death of James Jarrott (Mrs. Abernathy’s first husband), their lives and roles in the early settlement of Lubbock, and the downtown property they once owned.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Monroe and Molly Abernathy

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: June 4, 1959

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Seymour V. Connor

Length: 1 hour


Tape 1, Side 1: James Jarrott, Molly's first husband, Texas Legislator (1886) , Lived in Milsap, Texas, To Arizona (1887), To Thorpe Springs, Texas (1889), To Stephenville, Texas, Law practice, To Lubbock, Texas, Mr. Faulkner, Land speculation, Activities in Lubbock

Tape 1, Side 2: J. J. Dillard, Lubbock lawyer, Lubbock Avalanche, James Jarrott, Land settlement, Legal records, McGaughy, Land Commissioner, Settlement activities (1902), Names of original settlers, Living conditions, Water wells

Tape 2, Side 1: James Jarrott (continued), Settlement activities (continued), Water wells (continued), Settled on land (1902), Difficulties with Lake Tomb Cattle Company, Land filed (August 12, 1902), Process of filing, Death of James Jarrott (August 1902), Killed to frighten off settlers, Legal suit over land, Judge Smith, Jarrott's death, Not armed, Location of murder (windmill)

Tape 2, Side 2: James Jarrott (continued), Jim Miller, assassin, Colin George, lawyer, Grand Jury hearing, Jim Miller, Confession, Hung by a lynch mob, Colin George, Molly Jarrott (Abernathy) stayed on ranch, Description of ranch, Education of children (Bess, Dick, and John), Trip to Stanton, Texas (1903), Letter to Judge Woodhall, San Antonio, Jim Miller, Life history

Tape 3, Side 1: Jim Miller, Letters, Arrest and hanging of Miller, (June 7, 1956), Hotels owned by Mrs. Abernathy, First automobiles in Lubbock, Texas, Condition of roads, Other real estate investments in Lubbock, Sale of Nicolette Hotel, Other investments, Lived in Lubbock and on ranch, Mr. Abernathy worked for railroad, Origin of name of Abernathy, Texas, Monroe, Texas (changed to New Deal, Texas), Jarrott Ranch cattle brand, Size of herd, ranch, Sold ranch to J. L. Hankins (1919)

Tape 3, Side 2: Oil found on ranch, Railroad through Lubbock area (1912), Difficulties with building line, World War I, Mr. Abernathy, Dick Jarrott, Aviation instructor, First house on ranch (1902), Built by John Agnew, Second house built by Agnew (1906), Judge Rank Brown of Lubbock County, Fletcher Conner, Relative of Mrs. Abernathy, Crops grown on ranch, First cotton in county (1907), Sorghum crop (1903), Early cattle production on ranch, Fletcher Conner, Abernathy's marriage (1905)

Tape 4, Side 1: Homes in Lubbock, Texas, and on ranch, Education of children, Peacock Military School, Texas A&M University, Santa Fe Railroad development (1908-1912), S. S. Lees and Associates, From Canyon, Texas to Lubbock, Mrs. Abernathy's activities, Prohibition, Women's Christian Temperance Union, Women's Movement, League of Women Voters, Accumulation of property, Events of 1920s

Tape 4, Side 2: Events of the 1920s (continued), Various residences, Mr. Abernathy's involvement in real estate, Settlement activities, Land acquisition deals, Abernathy, Texas, Mrs. Abernathy, Travel, Property dealings, Daughter Bess as a teacher, First bank in Lubbock, Texas (1902), First National Bank, Effects of 1930s Depression, Building contract with Temple Trust Co., Mr. Abernathy, Supervisor for Federal Land Bank, World War II, Corner lot owned by Mrs. Abernathy, First Building, Leased by C. H. Grollman

Tape 5, Side 1: Corner lot owned by Mrs. Abernathy (continued), First Building (continued), Leased by Wolfforth and Stevens, Burned twice, Other building owned by Mrs. Abernathy, Corner lot building, Original J. C. Penney Store, Burned (1936 and 1951)

Tape 5, Side 2: Blank

Range Dates:1886-1951

Bulk Dates:1886-1951

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