Adams, Gary and Theodorou, Nick 2008-07-02

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This interview was conducted during the College Baseball Foundation’s Hall of Fame (HOF) induction weekend in Lubbock, Texas. Gary Adams and Nick Theodorou discuss their careers and experiences as a coach and as a player respectively, at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). They served as UCLA’s representatives and discussed Jackie Robinson, HOF inductee and his contributions to baseball at UCLA.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Gary Adams

Additional Parties Recorded: Nick Theodorou

Date: July 02, 2008


Interviewer: Daniel Sanchez

Length: 00:55:24


Gary Adams; Background; B. 1939 in Hamilton, Ohio; Family moved to California; He and his brother grew up with baseball; Coached UCLA Baseball for 32 years; Nick Theodorou; Background of Nick; B. 1975 in San Bernardino, California; Raised in Rialto, California; Baseball player at UCLA; Gary Adams; College World Series; Theodorou played Second Base; Coaching style; High expectations; Little bit of pressure; Expected the most out of his players; Practices were structured; Tactics and strategies; Abilities learned; He was able to develop things; He was a good athlete; Reputations helped; Academic difficulties for players; Seen very few blacking out; Academic support systems; Mentors are there to help; Changes made to the game of baseball; Wooden bats changed to aluminum bats; Helmets came with ear protectors; Games became longer; Nick Theodorou; Thoughts on aluminum bats; Longer swing; Can find sweet spots at higher lengths; Switching back to wooden bats was difficult; Gary Adams; Thoughts on Jackie Robinson; Legendary status at UCLA; Stadium renamed in his honor; Statue was built as an inspiration; He is inspirational to society as well; Greatest athlete ever; Nick Theodorou; UCLA lucky place; 103 championships in all sports; Coaches were good in all sports; Gary Adams and Nick Theodorou; Challenge in raising budgets; No private and public fund raisers; Travelling cost was biggest challenge; Employees voluntarily raised funds; Gary Adams and Nick Theodorou; Final thoughts; Honored to accept the award for Jackie Robinson; Honor to both of them.

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