Allsup, Straley 1980-02-13

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Straley Allsup

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: February 13, 1980

Location: Gustine, Texas

Interviewer: Richard J. Mason

Length: 01:47:16


Tape 1, Side 1:

Birth, Gustine, TX, Texas Revolution, Paid you in land, His mom and Uncle got half of the land, Father traveled south, School, Went to church school house, Breaking horses, Rope him, Tie them up, Jump on, Hold on, Mother, Played the Fiddle, That’s where his talent comes from, Siblings, One out of eight boys, Second to youngest, Farming, Raised Chickens, Turkeys, Cattle, Four horses, Two teams each, Model T Ford, Traveled, Played Fiddle for dances, Barn Fire, Saw his brother’s barn on fire, Brother is married to his wife’s sister, Moved to town, 1920’s, Became a barber in 1926, Bought a shop, Brothers all died, Wife, Had the prettiest garden in town, People took pictures of the garden, Insects, 1925, When insects started to show up, Barber school, Went to San Antonio to go to barber school, Stayed down there for a year, Barber for about 50 years, Hearing and sight began to fail, Built a beauty shop next door to the barber shop, Jo Bell- his wife ran it for a while, Early days, Rode a stick horse into town, Listened to old timers play music, Only knew one tune to start, Musicians, McCarty- Piano, Different Guitar players, Little band put together, Dream, Dreamed up a tune, Just remembered one little part, Piano player named it “Straley’s Waltz” Mother, Played for dances, Always got respect, Ophelia (Philly), Played for rough crowds, Texas Old Times Fiddlers Association, 5 to 6 year old children play the fiddles, Town People, Either Retire or do something working, Two cotton gins back in the old days, Saw Mill at one point in time, Mercantile had a wind mill, Got water from it on that side of town

Tape 1, Side 2:

Picnic, Slipped away to Goldwaithe to get married, Asked brother to borrow his buggy, Judge married them, Mom made him bring her home once she found out, Moved in together, $40, One horse, Fiddle, Jo Bell Kelso, 1917-1918, Drought, Christmas Eve night- Daughter was born, Rode 5 mile horseback to the old man’s house, The baby rode with him in the saddle, The old man fed them supper at midnight, They kept playing through the morning, Fights, Fights kept ruining the dances, They were not making any money, Purdy, TX, Germans, Played over there for dances, $20 to play at a wedding, Comanche, Hard to please, Burrow, Rode a mule to school, Best animal he had, He was mean, Bite, Kick, So big the saddle just stayed flat, Rodeo, Someone wanted to see his burrow, Rodeo man’s wife swapped her gold watch for his burrow, Someone eventually bought it from him, Saturday, Going to San Antonio to play, Bob Will, Johnny Gimble, Fiddler, Good Friend

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