Alpha Kappa Alpha LBK Chapter 2012-02-27

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Alpha Kappa Alpha Lubbock Chapter

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: February 27, 2012

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Robert Weaver

Length: 01:30:27


Start, Netti Edward- President, Vivian Cook- one of original charter members, Matari Thomas-original charter members and been in for 63 years, Ruth Precley- Been an AKA since 1962, First year it was chartered was 12/13/1958, Became AKA’s in college, West Texas didn’t have very much going for them at the time, No chapter here at the time, Was initiated in Marshall, Texas in 1953 with 10 people, Went in at Texas College in 1949 with 10 people, Most of them were teaching at time so easy to find, Schools weren’t integrated at the time, Opened Wheatly elementary in 1958, Found Lucita Colvin who was a speech therapist, Wanted to start the chapter here and had to find out how, Had to have 12 ladies to start a chapter, Fathered died same day that they chartered here, Most spent quite a bit of personal money, Per capita tax was $40, Took about 2 weeks to be initiated, Use to meet twice a month and used to cook, Had a few little programs that they did on their own, Had an even to help women learn how to become you ladies, Don’t have as many social events as they used to, Everything is more for comfort now, Lubbock is not a society oriented town, Had a fundraiser for scholarships to help make money, Had little Ms. Fashionetta, Girls dressed as if in pageant, The boys would be dressed up to escort the girls, That went on up through the 90’s, People changed and society wasn’t really interested in it anymore, Hard to find parents who care about how the girls are presented to society, Used the events for scholarships, Supported programs like sickle cell anemia, They also did United Negro College fund telethon here in Lubbock, The previous Mayor was a very good friend to them, A lot of them went to Prairie view and Texas southern, Most went to school in Texas, Once integration was made possible lots left the state also, There is a Zeta Toa Chapter here at Tech, They work together to do things including stuff at elementary schools, The Zeta Toa chapter was charted in the 1960’s, They have over 260,000 people total, They have about 950 different chapters throughout the US, They also have chapters in Japan, Associated with Midland in starting their chapter, Helped them get enough members to get their, Also helped to start some in Abilene, Largest they have ever been was about 21 members, They have a list of the people that were all part of them, A lot are in Lubbock now who aren’t active, Took a lot of time out their life, Had their own quilts and made displays of things from their past, Put them on display at the schools, Cooked lots of soul food and it was like a tasting type of thing, They did it the June 19th weekend, Played bingo and gave prizes, The exhibits were in the hallway, Need more active members to do more, They only did it one year, The AKA’s were founded in 1908, The AKA’s in Wyllie only accepted light skin complexion women, The recruited the girls from Mississippi and certain areas, Did it to get the fair skinned women, They would send the lighter skinned women in to get things for them in integrated places, Charlie Guy said that blacks would never be put in his paper, They would put something bad in the papers but nothing good, Racism was still prevalent in Lubbock, Hate that kids wear their shirts un-tucked, They were involved in the 50 year events for the AKA’s, They had a luncheon for the 50th year, Dunbar did not have a full time art teacher, Principals did the hiring back then

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