Azar, Virginia Mary Still 2004-02-27

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Azar shares her interest and progress in sports throughout her life. Also offers comparisons of the sports when she was growing up to how they are played now.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Virginia Mary Still Azar

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: February 27, 2004

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Interviewer: Daniel Sanchez

Length: 00:57:02


Introduction; Background; Parents; Siblings; Father; Mother; Childhood; Interest in sports; Basketball & Tennis; College; Jr. High & High School sports; Basketball; Coach Fred Henson at Meadow; Traveling with senior team; Lincoln High School; Competitiveness; Half court Basketball; Successes; Rankin High School; Girls Basketball; Other Sports; Cheerleading; Tennis; High School to College transition; Basketball; Tennis; Tech; Intramurals; Jr & Senior Year Fencing; Going out for the team; Fencing credit class; Fencing Team begins; Competition teams; Men competition teams; Personal style & strategy; Wins; Team member relations; Traveling; Recognition; Ft. Worth Star Telegram; Scrapbook; Donated picture to sports bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Balancing fencing and academics; Campus support; Fencing credit class; Old Gym; Dorm; Adult athletic career; Adult Life; First job; Family; Playing volleyball & tennis; Coaching; El Dorado Volleyball; Volleyball clinic; Pro Volleyball team in Albuquerque; Return to volleyball; Albuquerque Leagues; Coaching volleyball; Tennis; Children playing sports; Challenges of playing volleyball as an adult; Tournaments with the league; Famous players; Challenges of playing tennis as an adult; Pro female tennis players; Personal thoughts on women pursuing professional levels; Granddaughters; Audience numbers; Texas women’s sports vs. New Mexico women’s sports; Half-court basketball vs. full-court basketball; Level of Competition; Current interest in sports; Grandchildren’s interest in sports; Soccer; Women in sports; Height restrictions; Granddaughters; Triplet granddaughters; Husband’s sports; Parents influence.

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