Badger, Jean Schofield 2000-06-26

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jean Schofield Badger

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: June 26, 2000

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Leslie Dutton

Length: 01:55:18


Tape 1, Side 1:

Background, Grew up on a farm in Terry County, Has two sons: Bishop (29) and Ken (22), Bishop is a musician, Taught at Estacado in Lubbock, Did student teaching in Plainview at Estacado Jr. High, Stay at home mother for a while, Worked as an assistant supervisor at the Garden and art center, Supervisor at Hodgens center, Grandfather, Dentist, Accountant, Father, Pre Med major, Alumni of Texas Tech, Lived on 16th street, Farmed, Favorite book: Leaves of grass, Mother, Was a Delta, Teacher, Siblings, Older sister Margaret, Podiatrist in Austin, Older brother Bill, Interpreter of Slavic languages for an oil company, Painting, Father enjoyed painting, At the age of 10 became ill, severe ear infection, could no longer play piano so Badger turned to art, Likes sculptures as well, Went to school at Brownfield until the 5th grade, First backdrop in the 7th grade for a musical, 8th grade won first place at the art show, painted a windmill scene, Received scholarship to take art classes in Lubbock, Dr. Cavillero and Juanita Collard taught the classes at the Garden Center, Watercolor on burlap, Acrylics and enamels, Matte boards, Students in her art class, Glenna Goodacre, In tiny pieces of paper created a picture of a Mexican gentleman, High School Years, On the annual staff, Wasn’t really any art, Took classes from Linda Billingsly, Basic Still life’s, Became interested in entering art shows, Oil Pastels, Texas Tech University, 1967, Basketball scholarship, American Legion scholarship for citizenship, Art used to be a part of the architecture department, Art major, Married after Freshman year, Had oldest son Bishop Sophomore year, Graduate in 1974, Decided to get her teaching certificate, Switched majors, Times at Tech, Protests of the Vietnam War, Had lots of friends who were in the war, 3 did not return, 1 committed suicide, Dr. Elizabeth Sasser, Taught design and theory and art history, Had a “happening” (a big party/rave), Andy Warhol, Eldenberg, Made a huge fence to paint, The painting of the fence was to relieve stress and tension on campus, Sasser rented a big truck and took the kids to learn how to weld, Name Change for Texas Tech, Texas Technological College, Students wanted it to be a University, Held protests and sit-ins, Changed to Texas Tech University, The street name “University” used to be “College”, Life Drawing, Early 1970s, During the time where there were many Cuban refugees, Cuban teacher Dr. Vidal (architect), Life drawing and pastel teacher, Made a huge difference in Badger’s art pastel wise, Dr. Vidal did demonstrations because he couldn’t really speak English, Learned how to use complimentary colors, Worked with optical illusions, Classes were in the architecture building, Nude models, Didn’t bother her parents that she was drawing nudes, Migrant workers, Neighbors, Bracero Population, Had to supply workers a house and everything needed to work, Farmers, Neighbors became great friends with Badgers family, Planted marigolds for their day of the dead culture, Techniques of Art, Tried to immolate techniques of teachers, Didn’t take the time to analyze, Took class from Hugh Gibbons, taught a lot of optical techniques, Special projects, Chinese folk-art

Tape 1, Side 2:

Grants, To pay for exhibits and shows, Educate the area through art, Lubbock didn’t really support the arts, Painting full time, Started 1995, So many changes at the Garden and Arts center, Job became boring, Important memo that work was due, received on the day it was due (last straw), Got a local job as a studio director for a photographer, worked for about a year, Started in a studio at Buddy Holly, Did a lot of work on the building, Ron and Rita Peak, Bill Moore, Victor Mosqueda bought the building, Works out of her home now, Trying to do mural work, Two Artists, One Household, Very hard situation, Divorced for 11 years, Bob Badger: husband, Nerve damage in ears/ going deaf, Band director, Last concert couldn’t hear a lot of the music, Catastrophic, Completely changed him, Put stress on the relationship, Family was making sacrifices for Badgers art, Didn’t make a lot of money, Life now, Happy with how life is going, New companion Bill, Together with Bill for 8 years, Bill is a photographer and interested in art, Would like to be making more money, Lived in home for nearly 25 years, Favorite medium, Just whatever she is working with at the moment, Took pottery in college, Took water color, Loves working with oils and pastels, Oils over acrylics, Inspirations, Shadows and negative spaces, Lights and darks, Shapes, Dramatic, Simple subject matter, People, Roadside stands, Rhapsody paintings, Works a lot from photos, Still life’s, Working stirs her creativity, Seeing the light just right, Reading, Writing, Abstracts, Materials, Paints, Best Work, Light/Dark works in oil and pastel, Ready for the breakfast crowd, Won many awards, Doesn’t make compromises with her work, Doesn’t paint for the market, Paintings: The doors, Patio Scene, Grape vines and a wicker chair, Likes creating optical illusions, Specific projects and upcoming events, Show at the Lubbock Garden with potter Cecily Maples, Did a show 15 years ago at the Maple Center, Name of the show: Surface in Depth, Loves showing the brush strokes and depth, Did topiary pieces for Mitchell MacNeice

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