Cador, Roger 2011-07-01

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Roger Cador

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: July 01, 2011

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 00:52:26


Basic Information, Date of birth 1/30/1951, Born in Ventress, Louisiana, Father’s occupation, Convinced dad to let him go to school, Unjust behavior towards workers, Wanted to be an athlete since childhood, College years, What made him be an athlete?, Impressed by role model for basketball and baseball on TV, Introduction to Baseball, Introduction to baseball, Lack of good grades, Open enrollment in college, Help from fellow classmate and became good student, Went for basketball scholarship, Played both games, Determination and motivation, Spoke about sportsperson being tested and then and now opportunities both in sports and education, Graduated from Southern University, Profession career, Signed with Atlanta Braves in 1973 as position of field for 5 yrs, In 1977 went to grad school majored in Guiding and counseling, Appreciates encouragement, Career as a coach, In 1980 Emmason Stewart hired him as a coach, Coached basketball for 4 yrs as an assistant, Job for baseball became available, Bought equipment for baseball from Atlanta, First two performance in NCA regional’s, Encourage and motivate young players, Story about a young man Rickie Weeks, Helped sportsperson to cultivate their skills, Family and sports, Spoke about wife and children, Have a stepson and a biological son, Children not into baseball, Description of character built by sport, Amount of recognition and money gained by a university due to sports., Values learned, People who motivated and supported him, Hard work and forward thinking, Loves his work, Universities, Historic Black University was in Disarray, Grahman University had stability and consistency, Information, Gave his mailing details, Loves community service, Faced financial troubles at the beginning

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Transcript: Transcript available in reading room

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