Cawthon, Kelly 2007-04-18

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Kelly Cawthon talks about his father’s coaching experience and the influence on his family and himself. He discusses the sports program and the campus of Texas Tech when he was young.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Kelly Cawthon

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: April 18, 2007

Location: Shreveport, Louisiana

Interviewer: David Marshall

Length: 01:31:06


Date and place of birth; Born February 1929; Mother’s name Virginia Smith; Grandfather served as mayor; Description of the place of birth; Moved to Lubbock; Father’s effort to move Texas Tech more toward national prominence; Trips to different part of Texas; Football recruitment; Weather of West Texas; Description of sand storm; Father’s involvement in campus beautification; Childhood life; Athletic building on campus; 12-13 years age group involved; River activities; Swimming pool; Hunting experience; Friends’ interest in sports; Memory of Texas Tech players; Early interests of football; Friendship with other players; Pictures taken with Indian dress; Father’s tough feet; Recorded in the archive; Household life; Breakfast; Preference for healthy food; Other meals; Garden; Way of taking care of the garden; Grandfather’s farm; Issues with the weather; Cotton production; New house; Rented house; Location of the street; Layout of the house; Neighbors; Furnishings of the house; Way to get milk; Dog problem; Animals owned; Father’s health problem Tumor in the shoulder; Horse; Structure of the city; Owned a horse for the first time; No fence area for horse; Mother’s virtue; Not easy being a coach’s wife; Graduate from Southwest; Lived in Daytona Beach; Wartime; Moved to Alabama; Interests in football; Description in the book; Interests in literature and art; Hobbies; Drawing; Interests in sports; Father’s character; No skipping classes; Physical appearance of father; In good shape; Careful about what to eat; Coaching school in Michigan; Came up with the idea of coaching school in Lubbock; Plane accident; Father could not get over it; Other victims’ family; Friend’s family in Houston area; Worked in Ford’s manufacturing plant; Texas Tech back in time; Campus of Texas Tech back then; Surrounding of the stadium; Fun time with brother; Several buildings on campus; A high school football game; Santa Fe; Reason of developing hobbies; Uncle’s influence; Process of learning; Places in Alabama; Interest in ranch; Did not want to go home; Ruidoso; Places of father’s recruiting; Preference of places; Visited high school football game; College football scout; Recruiting and haircuts; Cotton bowl game; Experience with Dallas traffic; Bad weather; Trouble with shot gun; Texas Tech sports program back then; Father’s effort to promote Texas Tech to Southwest Conference; Escaped from intense job; Football players Kelly remembers; Stories of the players; Uniform; Other well-known people of Texas Tech; School life; Went to high school in Alabama; Got Geology degree in University of Alabama; Worked in Houston; Mining in Geology; Started working in 1950; Transition from school life to professional job; Family’s affiliation with Confederate reunion; Activities in the reunion; Famous people in Confederate reunion from Texas; Boys’ camp; Items from the battlefield.

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