Hand, Jan Cary Miller and Betty Weaver 1999-09-20

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Jan Hand, Cary J. Miller, and Betty Weaver talk about their recollections of the early days of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Lubbock, Texas.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jan Hand, Cary Miller, and Betty Weaver

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: September 20, 1999

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Mary Francis Holly and Barbara Smith

Length: 1 hour, 20 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Mrs. J.C. Coleman was the first communicant in Lubbock County, She read Morning Prayer to a small group each Sunday during the 1890’s, Bishop Garrett, Traveled to Lubbock Texas to give Communion, Location of services prior to the construction of the church building, First services were conducted in Lubbock’s old opera house, Services conducted by The Rev. Harry Goodman of Clarendon TX and Arch-Deacon Weary of Amarillo TX, Services were later held at the Hemphill-Wells Department Store, St. Paul’s congregation shared a church building and building expenses with the Presbyterian church, First Bible class, Organized in 1912 and taught by Mr. C.J. Waggoner, The first church was located at 15th and Ave. O, Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe Wilson drove in a buggy with Bishop Temple to select the Site, The National Council provided $1,000.000, The Communion rail came from “the famous little church around the corner” in New York City, A.J. Towels (?) prepared the windows using colored paper to give a stained glass effect, Roscoe Wilson and Miss Julia Picket of Post TX were the first confirmed in this church, Clayton Carter & Margaret Burke (?) were married in this church, The Rev. Showel (?) was the first priest in this church under Bishop Seaman (?), Members of the early Women’s Auxiliary were Mrs. Arnold Brown (?), Mrs. Joe Penny Mrs. C. L. Griffin Mrs. John Showel Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Henry Weedlow (?), Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Thomas started the first Sunday school in the new church at 15th and Ave O, The original church was moved to 1609 Ave. Q in 1927, It was used as a residence prior to being restored and moved to the Hodges Community Center on University, The Lubbock Heritage Society sponsored the restoration, The original St. Paul’s church is the oldest public building in Lubbock, TX which, is still standing, Miller, Cary Jane, She came to Lubbock, TX in 1918 at 6 weeks old, In 1922 she began attending St. Paul’s Church, Reminisce of church services and Sunday school, Hand, Jan, Started attending St. Paul’s Church in 1935, Miller, Cary Jane, Her mother’s involvement in church, Reminisce of the Rix families, Church fundraisers, Hand, Jan, Her experiences with Sunday school, Miller, Cary Jane, Learning altar guild work, Her involvement in church activities, Hand, Jan, Reminiscence of what it was like to attend church at St. Paul’s, Christmas Services at St. Paul’s, [End of First Recording Session], [Jan Hand and Betty Weaver answer questions in this second session], Introductory Comments, Weaver, Betty, Reminiscence of attending Sunday school at St. Paul’s, Hand, Jan, Children’s Sunday school organ, Weaver, Betty, Story about Bishop Seaman traveling the dioceses by motorcycle, Reminiscence of Bishop Seaman, Reminiscence of the Mickey family, List of organists who served at St. Paul's.

Tape 1, Side 2: Weaver, Betty, Effie Wilson’s contributions to St. Paul’s, Other early members of St. Paul’s, Description of Easter service around 1935, Listing of former vicars of St. Paul’s and their contributions, [End of Second Recording Session], [Jan Hand Cary J. Miller and Betty Weaver Answering Questions], Listing of early members of St. Paul's, Hand, Jan, Listing of former vicars of St. Paul’s and their contributions, Church services in Seaman’s Hall while new church was being built, Listing of vestry members at the time the new church was being built, Reminiscence of early members of St. Paul’s and former vicars, Story about Margaret Shook refurbishing the parish hall, Ground breaking ceremony for the current church, Christmas midnight service – 1941, Story about President Harry Truman’s daughter visiting St. Paul’s, Church windows.

Tape 2, Side 1: Hand, Jan, Story about one window being sent back to New York because the horse was going east instead of west, The beginning of St. Paul’s Bookstore, The beginning of St. Paul’s Thrift House, St. Paul’s sponsorship of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church – Lubbock, TX, St. Paul’s sponsorship of St. Steven’s Episcopal Church – Lubbock TX, The leadership of The Rev. Jack Washington, Women’s organizations at St. Paul’s, Episcopal Church Women St. Hilda’s Guild St. Mary’s Guild and St. Francis’ Guild, Fundraisers, Turkey dinners, spaghetti suppers and Christmas bazaars, St. Mary’s Guild making bandages during WWII for the Red Cross, Concluding words.

Tape 2, Side 2: Blank

Range Dates: 1890s-1945

Bulk Dates: 1919-1945

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