O'Connor, Edwin M III 1998-07-09

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Lubbock lawyer Edwin O’Connor talks about his education and his law practice in Lubbock. He talks about the Lubbock law community and cases that he has been involved in.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Edwin M. III O'Connor

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: July 09, 1998

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Gene Preuss

Length: 1 hour 35 minutes


Tape 1: O’Connor, Edwin Morton, III, Born June 21, 1929 in Dallas, Texas, Father: Edwin O’Connor, Jr., From Palestine, Texas, Mother: Mary Hackel O’Connor, From Paris, Texas, Highland Park High School, Tulane University, 1946, Pre-med, Admitted to medical school, September 1950, Quit after two weeks, Drafted into the Marine corp. for three years, University of Texas Law School, GI Bill, Tuition, Took bar exam in June 1957, Briefing job with court of criminal appeals, September 1, 1957, Lubbock, Texas, Reasons for moving to Lubbock, Texas, Took a job with Burkes, McNeil and Brown Law Firm, Burkes, Burton, District Attorney, Mc’Neil, Buck, ex-FBI member, Brown, Clifford, Law Practice, Salary - $300/month or 5% of profit (which ever was greater), Criminal law, Bootleggers, Probate, Lawyers – Lubbock, Texas, Brister, Bill, Became partners, 1959 or 1960, together for 10 years, Bankruptcy judge, East, Elmer, East and O’Connor Law Firm (1970-1992), Lubbock bar Association, Married in 1954, Wife: Nan O’Connor, From Virginia, Children, John, Owns an automotive shop, Lubbock, Texas, Edwin, IV, Owns a wrought iron business, Lubbock, Texas, Transition from criminal to probate law, Criminal law, Burkes, Burton (again), Put in jail for contempt of court, Hill, James, Bootlegger, Received largest punishment for bootlegging in Texas, 4 years in jail and $4000 fine, Decision reversed, Traffic tickets, Lawyers – Lubbock (again), Influences, Advertising, Criminal law (again), Case, Attitudes towards attorneys, Community involvement, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas, Texas Tech University School of Law.

Tape 2: Texas Tech University School of Law (continued), Reason for the quantity of attorneys in Lubbock, Texas, Involvement in Lubbock Bar Association, Community involvement (again), Important cases in Lubbock, Texas, Judges – Lubbock, Texas, Opinions, Defending the guilty, Advice for beginning a law practice, Pro-bono work, Legal Fee changes, Hill, James (again), Race relations, Legal profession, Future changes, Increasing number of lawyers, Lawyers – Lubbock, Texas (again), Felony Criminal cases, Contempt of court, [Tape ends after 5 minutes].

Range Dates: 1929-1998

Bulk Dates: 1957-1990

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