Presidential Campain 1980

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Side 1 is a short interview with then Vice Presidential candidate George Bush. On Side 2, panelists Brad Gammons, Toby Black, Carey Pratt, Steve Taylor and Bill Disney discuss the presidential candidates of 1980, including President Jimmy Carter, Howard Baker, John B. Connally, Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy and Jerry Brown.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Presidential Campaign

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: 1980

Location: None Given

Interviewer: None Given

Length: 28 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: George Bush, Winner-Take-All, Momentum, Henry Kissenger, Policy toward Israel, Jimmy Carter.

Tape 1, Side 2: "Political Parallels", Panelists, Brad Gammons, President Carter, Toby Black, Senator Howard Baker, Carey Pratt, John Connally, Steve Taylor, Senator Edward Kennedy, Bill Disney, President Carter, Foreign policy, Popular opinion, Foreign policy (again), Criticism, Political climate (1980), Iranian situation, Howard Baker, Salt II, Cambodia, Panama Canal Treaty, Middle East, P. L. O., Iranian situation, John B. Connally, Secretary of the Navy (Kennedy Administration), Governor of Texas (1963-1969), Secretary of the Treasury, Character, Foreign policy, Experience, Views, Middle East, Salt II, Iranian situation, Senator Edward Kennedy, Foreign policy, Experience, Views, Latin America, Allende (Chile), Panama Canal Treaty, Nicaragua, Middle East, China, Salt II, Cambodia, Governor Jerry Brown, Pat Brown (father), Governor of California, Popularity, 1976 presidential race, Criticism, Views, Proposition 13 (California), Equal Rights Amendment, Solar energy, P. L. O., Salt II, Character, Brown (again), 1976 election, Kennedy (again), Latin America, Connally (again), Middle East, Religious significance of Jerusalem, Kennedy (again), Foreign policy, Experience, Baker (again), Views on the Soviet Union, Connally (again), Carter (again), Confidence, Connally (again), Brown (again), Chances of winning, Baker (again), Panama Canal.

Range Dates: 1980

Bulk Dates: 1980

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